I don't believe that my desire is stronger now

Report from a boy who had a relationship with an adult at the age of 11. He tells of an event in which his older partner and he tricked a woman into having sex with them.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

Source: In his well-known treatise Loving Boys: A multidisciplinairy study of sexual relations between adult and minor males, Volume 1, of 1986, Dr. Edward Brongersma refers to a case of professor René Schérer, taken from the latter’s book L’emprise: Des enfants entre nous (Paris: Hachette, 1979, p. 262-263).

Brongersma mentions that a 18-year-old boy called Alcide told Schérer:

“Sex with others? Yes, I began having it very early, and I felt much closer to the people I slept with than to my mother and father, even though my relationship with my parents isn’t especially bad. I started doing it with my little female cousin when I was nine; later, at eleven, it was with a man.

In the beginning, in the relationships, I was mainly interested in tenderness (…) As for sexual pleasure, at first that was maybe less important than it became later (…) I like to sleep with someone and to be caressed.”

Schérer then asked him, “Do you have any thoughts about something which has always been poorly understood: the sexual feelings of immature children?”

Alcide replied: “The physical excitement of sleeping with someone is the same, absolutely the same, at all ages, before and after maturity. I don’t believe that my desire is stronger now than it was earlier. (…) In those days I didn’t ejaculate, but the feeling was equally good. I got a hard-on and liked being touched."'


Eighteen-year-old Alcide:

“There’s a man with whom I afterwards became very good friends' At the very beginning he used a girl in order to seduce me. I was thirteen at the time, and he knew I sort of wanted to sleep with a girl.

So he said to her, I know, ‘Look, you entice Alcide to your room, then I’ll come to you and sleep with him, and so on.” Thus it was arranged, and I had just started to have sex with the girl when he joined us and we turned it into a threesome. It was a sort of charade we had cooked up together, he and I, to involve a third person in our relationship. But when you get right down to it, we had a love relationship, not just a sexual one. I was head over heels in love with this man. I felt a very close bond with him, just as you always do when you’re in love with someone. So when people claim that children of thirteen, fourteen are unable to love and have normal sexual intercourse and so on, I believe they’re completely wrong. At thirteen you can have regular sexual intercourse just as well as anybody else, with girls and with men.” (Scherer 1979, p. 264)