On the right road at last

Brief statement of a six-year-old boy in the context of a scientific study.

Source: Koning, P. P. J . de & Blom-Van Rees,Th. A. H. M., Een kwalitatieve analyse van de keuze van een homoseksueel gedragspatroon door een aantal minderjarige jongens. Groningen: Instituut voor Sociale Psychologie, 1969, p. 16, 11.

In a research project carried out by the Institute of Social psycholosy at Groningen State University, a l6-year-old declared:

“I had sex with a man of 28. It wasn’t strange at all, for I was quite aware of being gay… But it was socompletely different. You’re suddenly swept into a fresh, new world. Immediately I had the feeling, ‘This is the real thing; now I’m where I belong, I’m on the right road at last.'”