News coverage about 'pedophilia' is way too negative

A letter from Maurits Reijnen the editor of the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

Source: In 1991 Maurits Reijnen sent a Letter to the Editor to the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Here are the main relevant parts of his letter entitled News coverage about ‘pedophilia’ is way too negative.

“Out of necessity, I engaged in sexual contacts with older boys and adults, from a very young age onwards.”

Maurits Reijnen explains he used to be a sexually precocious boy and his environment generally responded very negatively to his sexual behavior. He didn’t understand why sex was supposed to be dirty. He started doubting himself, became overactive and aggressive and wetted his bed. A child neurologist simply prescribed him medication.

“I can’t recall any moment from that period that I felt happy. Sometimes I wished I was dead. And I was only six.”

“In 1969, a little ray of sunshine shone through the dark clouds of my little existence. I got to know him, Richard, when he was 23. Shortly afterwards we made love for the first time. I will never forget that first time.”

“Finally I had someone who also enjoyed it [sex], finally there was someone I knew wouldn’t tell his mother. It was such a wonderful feeling to be touched by someone else, by someone who wanted me.

A year later we did ‘it’ for the first time.
After I met Richard, everything changed. I got calm, didn’t wet my bed anymore. He was also the one who discovered my musical talents and he taught me to listen to music of a kind I normally would have never encountered. He stimulated my learning, algebraic and reading skills and I became the best pupil of my class.

Since my relationship I frequently met older and adult boys. It simply was what I needed and I knew that I wasn’t dirty or gross.

My ‘engagement’ with Richard lasted till I was twelve. We broke up because he got married, with a woman to be exact. I recall this wonderful time very often.”