I was not troubled in the least

This report comes from the research of Dr. Frits Bernard. Dr. Bernard cites it as one of six examples of ‘characteristic’ biographies on the impact of boy-man relationships.
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Source: PAN Vol. 1, Nr. 3, 1979

I was about 13 when I had my first paedophile experience. I had never heard the word, or even anything about homosexuality, because my sexual education was badly neglected by my parents. The man who brought me into touch with homosexuality and whom I even loved physically was, and still is, one of my dearest friends. I remember what a wonderful feeling it was when he satisfied me for the first time. I was not troubled in the least by worries over having done ‘perverted things’, probly because I had no idea of what such things were. A few months later the man tried to explain, but it was still a good year before I grasped it all properly.

The only trouble I have had over this was when I first told my fiancee about it. She and I have fantastic sexual relations, and there is no question of problems on my side.

My general opinion is as follows. Homosexuality must be exempt from the law. To me it remains a loving relationship between two people who need something else beyond sex. Otherwise one is in for a moral hangover (even in straight relationships). Paedophilia I find a more difficult question. I allow everyone love and happiness in all respects, but I cannot approve of this. I experienced no trouble myself, but not all boys become acquainted with it in such an understanding manner.