He would have approved a similar relationship for his sons

This report is about Denver, a boy with mental health problems as an adolescent who later lived a successful and socially responsible life.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

Source: Ralph H. Tindall: The Male Adolescent Involved With A Pederast Becomes An Adult. Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 3(4), 373-382, Summer 1978.

“Denver was referred at age thirteen for taking part in vandalism directed toward a junior high school followed by running away from home. He was of high average ability and reading at grade level. He was quite interested in machinery and mechanics.

Denver reached pubescence by age fourteen. He was introduced to mutual masturbation at age thirteen by peers, some of whom were more developed sexually.

During his 14th year he began spending his spare time around a service station, where he became acquainted with a master mechanic who was then in his early forties, married and childless. The mechanic and Denver began to engage in recreational pursuits together. On a fishing trip, during a break on an island, they began talking about sex, which led to Denver’s being fellated by the mechanic and to masturbation of the mechanic by Denver.

For the next five years mutual fellatio occurred two or three times per week. Sexual activity with the mechanic ceased at about age nineteen, but a close relationship continued to exist until the mechanic’s death.

Denver is now 44 years of age. He was married and fathered two sons. He and his first wife were divorced and he raised his boys. One boy went to college and the other boy to a technical school. Denver remarried and has been a valued mechanic with the same company for twenty years. He has a supervisory position and believes that his relationship with his mechanic friend helped him reach his goals. He says he would have approved a similar relationship for either of his sons, had he become aware of such a situation. He reports no desire to have sex with males since approximately age twenty.”