I always looked forward to Wednesday afternoons

This report comes from the research of Dr. Frits Bernard. Dr. Bernard cites it as one of six examples of ‘characteristic’ biographies on the impact of boy-man relationships.
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Source: PAN Vol. 1, Nr. 3, 1979

When I was seven I had contact with a man who was especially nice to me. He used to take me to his attic, sit me on his lap and play with me sexually. I thought it was very nice and enjoyed it. I always looked forward to Wednesday afternoons, the days when we saw each other. This went on for a long time.

Later I had many contacts with other men, but never with boys my own age. One day I went with a waiter to his house. I was very interested and excited. We had unusually satisfying sex together. I must have been about 14. Back home I was restless and went to see him the very next day on my own initiative. We had intercourse about twenty times in the following period.

I have never missed not having girls, like many others. Now, after a good life, I can see these early contacts as very positive to my development. I would not like to have missed them and I do not envy the people who never had these opportunities.

I regard my life as proof that homosexuals are born, not made by circumstances.