DXgov Weekly Call [2021-04-28]

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Meeting Notes

Past/Pending/Upcoming Proposals:

- How to redeem REP:
-If you voted on a proposal and staked .04% of your REP, even after it is closed, you won’t be able to use it on other proposals until you manually claim it, it’s not automatically retrieved. You need to go back to the proposal and reclaim you REP. The notification that tells you if there is any REP to claim doesn’t work on xDai. You have to find each proposal on Alchemy and click the blue button to claim.
-John said one could also find the proposal IDs on blockscout and paste them in Alchemy to find.

- Treasury diversification v2
-Now anyone can submit. The fund transfers are clear, the process is using a previous authorisation post.

-We need to do a transfer to xdai, but Phil, the auditor, uses USDc, so we’d need usdc as well. Those trades don’t fall under treasury diersification.

- DXD Buyback
-the code for swapr farming liquidity relayer is released, community members can now deploy
-this would allow DXdao to interact with the farming contracts.
-multicall whitelisted all the relayers: swapr liquidity, farming liquidity…
-John said current governance contracts can’t do approves and need relayers. The ultimate goal is to retire the multisigs.
-Chris & Tammy are working on documentation for the buyback.
-John asked if we should have the buyback on xdai or mainnet. xDai is quicker and cheaper. Funds are small, so no whitelisting.
-Geronimo said on xDai it will be easier for the whole REP base to partake
-We want ot buy sooner while it’s still cheap.
-Tammy reminded that we’re low on DXD liquidity in xDXdao, so buying on xDai can solve this.
-Martin said it makes sense to pull dxd owners to xdai, because it is the sidechain we’re on now.
-John asked if we should use gnosis protocol v1, given they will deprecate it. Near term is fine, but we need to move to something else. The easiest backup is to do a buyback through Swapr with a small modification to the liquidity relayer, and later we can use the new Mesa/aqua/.
-A multi-call on mainnet will take long with whitelisting, while on xDai there would be no whitelist for the multicall with less funds at risk.
-With a few proposals passing with absolute majority, on xDai every proposal could possibly pass withing hours.

- Melanie shared an update on the Contributor UX
-by end of week a new doc will be shared on Keybase’s contributer hub
-regarding the marketing lead, we’ll aim to have 3 candidates to talk to us
-EthWorks will give us a developer to help with Swapr.
-Vested DXD tracking sheet is great. Will reach out individually to everyone to share
-Ally went through all past proposals
-There’s nothing outstanding at the moment, but it’s a ticking clock.
-Blackscale will contribute to the development of a solution to track what everyone is owed and distribute.
-Ally mentioned that a spreadsheet tracking what REP everyone is owed is also in the works.

- Augusto commented on DXvote, Alchemy
-received an audit, need more work, but acceptable near term
-will have a cache of info on xdai, rinkeby, arbitrum…
-Chris mentioned there will be a bi-weekly call for DXvote to help Augusto decide which features to prioritize for current version and what to work on in future versions.

Video Recording: