DogeCoin News, Predictions, Update - CAN DOGE get to $8 in the future?

Hey everybody: it's; Alen, let's. Do a daily update on the dogecoin. Now, if you like this hit that like button now before we get started, let's, talk about billy, marcus and what, if he woke up tomorrow morning, had his cup of coffee and said. You know what i'm, going to make the dogecoin capped and if he caps it just like bitcoin is kept. That means there will be a limited number of coins available to mine, and that would be huge. Now let's. Talk about how dogecoin can actually get to eight dollars. If billy marcus decides to actually cap it and let's cover some news and new things that have come out and new companies that are actually not using dogecoin to create vibrating machines. CLICK GET IN TOUCH TO CONTINUE TO READ