Logos and Digital Art for the Crypto Space

Ahoy dWeb navigator! If you're seeing this, you've reached me on the descentralized web. Welcome to KINREA Creative, providing visual design services from website design to branding, and more.

Design & Creative

web design

Web and Visual Design

App Prototypes, Mockups & Web Design
logo design

Logo and Brand Identity

Logos, Brandmarks, Graphics & Typography
visual design

Visual Information Design

Reports, Presentations & Whitepapers

The Process


I will work with you to create visual design materials for your brand or business.


The designerly way of knowing combines analysis, with freedom and an independent spirit.


We collaborate across design disciplines and we build together with technology.


The design process is one of discovery through iteration, where feedback is welcome.


The end result is communication through visual stories that represent your project.

Some stuff we deliver


Visual Design

Front End Dev

Interested in how visual design can help?

I am a visual designer experimenting in the crypto space. My goal is to create simple user interfaces, which lead to better user experiences. I contribute my skills through graphic design and front end web development, with a focus on projects that promote blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Looking to bring your crypto vision to reality?

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