McDonalds Coin ($MCDC)

A gamified parody art project token on xDai and Ethereum.

McDonalds Coin is parody and not affiliated with McDonald’s Food Corporation.


What is McDonaldsCoin?

Launched in February 2021 by a global team, MCDC is a parody art project gamified digital token. McDonalds Coin (MCDC) is designed to power the community driven McDonalds Coin Drivethru game platform and its own NFT farming on Unifty. McDonalds Coin is not affiliated with McDonald’s Food Corporation and has no intrinsic value other than what has been given to it by traders.

The parody aspect of MCDC invites participants to build on the McDonalds Coin story through mixed media (memes, images, video, written and spoken word). The story can take any turn the community decides, momentum of consensus on the narrative drives it. Active community participation keeps the story fresh and MCDC relevant to current societal critique. The story determines how the game evolves over time. The game aspect is unique to crypto in the way it operates. Through mechanisms such as NFT trading, game-specific sub tokens and LPs; MCDC delivers entertainment but also serves as an education in high level crypto topics.

Under U.S. Copyright Law, a parody can be considered a “derivative” work protected from copyright infringement claims by the fair use doctrine.

Drivethru: The First Blockchain Trading Game on xDai

MCDC Powers the Drivethru trading game on xDai. Farm and trade 8 different tokens, representing popular fast food items, which have a novel mechanism where profitable trading depends on strategic timing and token volume.

Unifty MCDC Artwork NFT Farming

Content creation is at the heart of the McDonalds Coin community. Parody artwork is farmed and traded on Unifty using MCDC. Our community artwork has recently gained much attention and was featured in Pete’s Art House in Cryptovoxels.

Check out our Roadmap

The MCDC roadmap is continuously innovating blockchain gaming and parody

The MCDC Ecosystem

The MCDC token is at the heart of our ecosystem with a total supply of 37,000,000 tokens. It currently powers the Drivethru game and McSwap exchange and furthermore is used for fair distribution of newly made parody artwork NFTs from community artists.