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How to win in a deflationary ecosystem


We propose the HOLDTOWIN (7ADD) Erc20 token : A chance to get a part of traders fees through luck and strategy.


The HOLDTOWIN (7ADD) is a standard ERC20 token which is originally minted in full supply. The minting was made at block
11268495 on the Ethereum Network.The INITIAL total supply is 100.000 7ADD. No more minting of 7ADD is possible.
The token contract address is : 0xEd36482c7F8E5850e91aC0Cf6BF2130A1aA2DF92


In this paper we will introduce the idea of a game based on a deflationary supply (7ADD).
A smart contract has been deployed on the Ethereum Network.All the code is public and anyone can check by a trustless
method all the details of the ERC20 token 7ADD. The smart contract is the only one holding tokens and by buying 7ADD you
are included in a list of HOLDERS. Anyone can check the list of HOLDERS at a given time. The smart contract gives the
right for addresses to spend 7ADD.


The primary condition for a game to take place is that it should exist on a network with enough potential participants. (Existence of Game in a Network).
The second condition of a game to take place is to have players. Only after players announce their wish to play, the game can begin. (Players).

The third condition for a game to begin is that players must have the ressources required by it. (Primary Resources).
The fourth condition for a game to begin is to have specific rules stated to all players BEFORE the game begins (Rules of the Game).

Existence of Game in a Network

The HOLDTOWIN Game is designed as a smart contract on the Ethereum Network.


All the participants on the Ethereum Network can be players in HOLDTOWIN.

Primary Resources

The primary resource needed for players to be able to play the HOLDTOWIN game is the Erc20 token 7ADD.

Properties of token:
Symbol : 7ADD
Total supply : 100000
Decimals : 18
Initial Circulating Supply :100000
Type: Deflationary

There is a 1.25% burn of 7ADD erc20 token on any transaction.
There is a 1.25% fee of 7ADD erc20 token from any transaction that will be added to the Jackpot.
Total fee when you buy 7ADD erc20 token = 2.5% ( 1.25% burn and 1.25% to jackpot )
Total fee when you sell 7ADD erc20 token = 2.5%( 1.25% burn and 1.25% to jackpot )
Liquidity provider is deflating 7add on sales

Total fee when you transfer 7ADD erc20 token to any other address = 2.5% * 1.25% burn and 1.25% to jackpot *
Rules of the Game

The HOLDTOWIN game contains rules that are immutable (imprinted on the smart contract)
and rules that can be changed by consensus of the players through GOVERNANCE.

1.Resources needed (immutable rule)
For participation into the game a player must hold a number of 7ADD at a specific time.

2.Number of resources needed (mutable rule)
For participation into jackpot drawings a player must hold 5(five) 7ADD tokens at a specific time. Holding 5 (five) 7ADD tokens will grant any player a chance to be drawn as winner. *A player can hold a multiple of 5 tokens for more chances to be drawn as a winner (WEIGHT of Holder). *A players’ amount of tokens that is nondivisible by 5 will be rounded to the nearest to 0 decimal value. EX: A player with 16 tokens will have a WEIGHT of 3 (16:5=3.2). A player with 14 tokens will have a WEIGHT of 3. (14:5=2.8) For participation into GOVERNANCE a user must hold ANY amount of 7ADD tokens.

3.Jackpot Drawings (mutable rule)
A drawing of 3 winners will take place every day at 11:00 GMT. Snapshot of holders will be taken at 10:00 GMT every day. Jackpot and participants are capped at 10:00 GMT. Drawing will be made using randompicker.com Proxy Random Provider. (subject to change in further development of the project)

4.Winners of the game (mutable rule)
There will be 3 winners each day.
Winner 1 - 60% of the Jackpot
Winner 2 - 30% of the jackpot
Winner 3 – 10% of the jackpot

5.Jackpot (immutable rule)
The jackpot is made out of 1.25% from ANY transaction of 7ADD.
Liquidity provider deflates 7ADD on interaction

6.Jackpot accumulation (mutable rule) 24 hour period

7.Burning supply (immutable rule)
The burning is made out of 1.25% from ANY transaction of 7ADD.
Liquidity provider deflates 7ADD on interaction.
Obtaining Resources
Obtaining resources in HOLDTOWIN game can be made through various methods. The initial distribution of resources is made in several STEPS.


A PRESALE of 48750 (50% minus burns and jackpot contribution from transfer ) 7ADD tokens will take place at a price of 0.011 ETH/ 1 (one) 7ADD.
Initial price 1 USD = 1 (one) 7ADD (1 ETH = 460 USD)


All ETH gathered in the PRESALE will be put as collateral for 39000 (40% minus burns and jackpot contribution from transfer) 7ADD. The PRESALE can be considered as a Liquidity Generation Event with an increased price.
* If all 48750 7ADD will be sold into PRESALE at 1 USD/ 1 7ADD, the price of 1 7ADD on UNISWAP will be 1.25 USD / 1 7ADD when providing liquidity. (1 ETH = 460 USD) Liquidity will be locked via Unicrypt and the transaction Hash will be available on the official website of HOLDTOWIN game. Presale will last 20 DAYS.


After 24 hours from the liquidity supply we will make the first jackpot draw using the above rules. If all condition are fullfiled (full sale and full liquidity provided), the initial Jackpot will be 1250 7ADD ( 1562.5 USD at price of Uniswap when listing.) (1 ETH = 460 USD)

1. If in the PRESALE not all the 7ADD tokens are sold (50%) , we will take a snapshot of the presale holders, redeploy
contract with modified Total Supply with same proportions:
1.25% from all funds will be the first Jackpot as all new tokens will be airdropped
1.25% from all funds will be burned burned as all tokens will be transferred
As for initiating the BOUNCE presale a transfer is required, a burn of 625 Tokens and a Jackpot contribution of 625
tokens will take place. That will be added to the SECOND jackpot of the game on day 2.

The game will continue from STEP 4 as it is voted by the GOVERNANCE.


The Governance will start after the 2 jackpots are given to lucky users. (after 48 hours from Liquidity Providing Event)
Governance will take place on the snapshot.page platform.
Any holder of above 5(five) 7ADD tokens can propose rule changes and the other holders will vote. The rules will be
changed based on vote majority. Over 50% of the total amount of circulating coins must vote for proposal to be admitted.
(Uniswap liquidity is not included into the circulating coins)
The Deployer of this contract can propose official rule changes on the CORE proposal tab of snapshot.page dedicated
website. Over 50% of the total amount of circulating coins must vote for proposal to be admitted.
Voting is free. No gas will be spent. A web 3 interface is required for authentification before voting (Metamask / Trust Wallet)
Only Holders of 7ADD can vote for rules change.

Utility and Purpose of the Game

1.1 Since the creation of the first cryptocurrency, games were created as a way to use and spend coins. From the first
Dice game to the Actual NFT Blockchain games or descentralized Casinos, people played games using cryptocurrencies.
The HOLDTOWIN project is a game / experiment for crypto enthusiasts.
1.2 The HOWTOWIN game can be used as an aidrop service for other fungible (Erc20) and nonfungible NFT (Erc721) tokens.
The airdrop will be made to the HOWTOWIN token holders that are really using crypto and are also lucky to be considered
winners of the initial game.
Any project/individual can send tokens to the Jackpot address and contact the 7ADD Deployer for terms and conditions of
users to win the additional prizes.
It is a very good marketing tool for new projects.
2.Purpose of the Game
Players can acumulate 7ADD tokens, ETH, NFT, or other types of tokens sent by other projects.
Players will use all the resources of the game to maximize profit and gain collectibles.

Let the Game Begin!