Merry Merkle3

Growing Circles of Love

This year, the Ethereum community is coming together again to gather donations and make a meaningful impact outside of our ecosystem. All donations will be split evenly between The Zoe Project in South Africa, the Favelas Education project being run in Brazil by Blockchain Academy, and to UNICEF's Global Cryptocurrency Fund.


A Tradition of Giving

Every year, the Ethereum community comes together to remember that redefining money is not about making ourselves rich.
It is about making sure that wealth is measured in terms of your capacity to share.
It is about showing how value can be generated through relationship, rather than rent-seeking.
Merry Merkle may seem like an insignificant drop, but one drop of truth can redeem an entire ocean of lies.

"As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman; the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate."

Third Time's A Charm

2019 marks the third anniversary of Merry Merkle, and we're teaming up with Bounties Network to bring you not one, nor two, but THREE different charity drives for the price of one!

2017 saw the community raise nearly $201,000 Canadian for a children's shelter in Toronto. In 2018, 10 people from all around the planet built an actual classroom in the real world for a school in rural South Africa, and raised R113,000 at the bottom of the bear market.

This year, our third year, we're partnering with three different charities from around the globe to bring you the biggest and brightest Merry Merkle ever. It's time to get giving, good people.