Vaibhav Saini


Vaibhav is an IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi drop-out and Co-Founder at TowardsBlockchain, an MIT Cambridge Innovation Center incubated startup. He was a sophomore, pursuing B.Tech in Engineering Physics. He has been working with different startups on different projects (including Android, Web, Machine Learning and Blockchain) since 2017.

Vaibhav is interested in integrated applications of Machine Learning, IOT and Blockchain. He has been looking into different consensus algorithms of different blockchains such as Ethereum, Quorum, EOS, Komodo, ByteBall, Stratis, Stellar, Nano(Raiblocks), HashGraph; and analysing their drawbacks and benefits. He has also started prominent Open source projects like:

  • IpfsCloud: Uber for data and computation power economy. With about 10k users in a month, it’s one of the fastest growing open source projects in decentralized storage and computing domain.

  • ClusterLabs: An open ecosystem, providing apps, infrastructure, and tools enabling decentralization. It aims to bring the Internet 3.0, in a frictionless way to the world.

Apart from that, he is an active writer on Medium and an OpenSource Contributor. He has also consulted blockchain projects and also helped students from universities like UCL and MIT in their thesis and research papers. Also, he has been studying theoretical physics and cosmology since his childhood, trying to apply the laws of the real world to the world of computers.