Top Benefits of an EMF Meter


From: "Business Course I" by Gary North
Lesson 120

Introduction: What is an EMF Meter?

We are literally bathed in ElectroMagnet Fields (EMF). From natural sources, we receive heavy doses if unprotected from the sun. Sunburns damage the skin and can be severe. The sun emits EMFs in the visible light spectrum, the infrared and ultraviolet ranges, and at lower magnitudes even into the microwave bands.

Usually though, "EMF" is understood to be from artificial sources, such as 5G transmitters and microwave ovens.

A meter is a device which you can purchase to measure EMF directly.

Why Would I Want an EMF Meter?

If you are concerned about the health effects of EMF, then you could use an EMF meter.

There is not a broad consensus on the health effects of 5G and other EMF, not even a scientific consensus.

Regardless, EMF radiation is part of objective reality and you can measure it with your own hands and an EMF meter.

Benefits of an EMF Meter

The main benefit is the ability to see the radiation that you are blind to by nature. For most of us, research is required to determine what level of radiation is acceptable. But if you are Electro-Hypersensitive, your own body tells you when EMF is too high.

While health effects are an individual matter, quantify the physical levels of radiation by yourself.

With your own meter, you can


Take ownership with raw data. No more guessing.

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