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From: "Business Course I" by Gary North
Lesson 115

And Eight More Reasons

First, here is the top reason for adopting the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC):

This curriculum helps you pass on your most important inheritance: your worldview. It is the only video-based, self-taught, reading-intensive, writing-intensive, online homeschool program that provides a systematic defense of limited government and the free market economy. I call this the freedom philosophy. -Ron Paul

Other Reasons Gary North Didn't Think Up

Courses are taught by qualified instructors. Check the credentials for the instructor of any given course.

Here are the rewards you, the student reap when you do the work.

  1. High degree of creativity and self ownership. The courses are delivered over video. But no one is there to monitor if you are paying attention, or if you are even in the room. Hopefully your parents monitor your work, but no one grades it.

    You gain a sense of accomplishment when you complete your work. I know because that's the way that I felt. In public schools one is trained to squeeze out the minimum amount of work for a grade - and even brag about doing so! But in the RPC, work is voluntary: the only work you do is the work you want to do.

  2. Learn tools of the trade. My children in homeschool learned time tested techniques. Further, I am learning fundamental techniques of advertising in Business I that were proven a century ago. But I am also learning the latest tools, such as this blog, which I created during the course.

  3. Create your portfolio. Your blog will be a permanent record of your education. This blog is an example of the type of your work on the public Internet which you can use as reference for academia or industry. Put your name out in the world.

  4. You consume a LOT of material. I read two to four books per month in Business I.

  5. Learn from those experienced in the field. History and literature, for example, are taught by well read intellectuals. In business, the instructor is an entrepreneur with decades of experience.

    Compare this to both high schools and universities where "business" professors are generally desk jockies. Real entrepreneurs identify the poor ROI of spending their valuable time in classrooms. This leaves unsuspecting students to be taught by the "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" crowd.

  6. Learn time-tested material from experienced professionals. There is a long track record of successes and failures. I learned the lessons of those who went before me. This shortened my learning curve and gave me a jump start in business.

  7. Step by step processes. Material is delivered in bite sized chunks. I had no overwhelming projects. Not once did I "cram" for a test.

  8. Identify the critical path to success. In Business I Gary North spent three whole weeks on the "80/20 Rule." The whole point was to identify your efforts that are non-critical. Then bear down on the work that is critical path. (Join the Ron Paul Curriculum and take Business I to find out how the pay off is not 4 times, but 16 times!)


The RPC is a curriculum like no other. The quality of instruction is world class. The return on investment for a homeschool parent is far better than any alternative curriculum.

When my children took classes, the cost of the RPC was significantly lower than all other methods I used or for which I was aware. The courses were self taught, so my time commitment as a parent was minimal.

Now that my children are grown, I am taking the Business I course myself. This course is zero cost above what I was already paying in subscriptions to Therefore, my ROI is literally infinite.

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