Question: What Lifestyle Do I Want in 20 Years?


Answer: I Do Not Have Enough Information

From: "Business Course I" by Gary North
Lesson 95


A basic fact is that I will be 75 years old in two decades.

Probable implications are that I will

Another basic fact is that I want a cushy life at that age.

There I have identified a few knowns, but more unknowns. Yet even larger variables exist...

Past Experience

As I was growing up, everyone I knew was dead before age 75.

And now people close to me are convinced that we are all going to ashes soon. Therefore, we should indulge in a spending spree and enjoy it while we can. "You can't enjoy wealth after you are dead." That strategy is defective, however, if the presumption is wrong.

Future Projection

Life in 2040 is literally unimaginable. Think how much life has changed since the turn of the century. One thing is certain: change in the next two decades will be exponentially greater than the last two.

In the extreme, Ray Kurzweil - based on rigorous application of inescapable exponential growth e.g., Moore's Law - predicts that we will be on the eve of "The Singularity" in 20 years. The shelf life of these meat vehicles will not even matter at that point, or so hopes Kurzweil. We will migrate to inorganic life.


So which is it? Death is just around the corner, or is immortality? Probably somewhere in between.

Given the information at hand, projected outcomes for a man 20 years beyond my age range from, well, ashes to ashes.

  1. People drop dead at my age all the time.
  2. And even if Kurzweil is right, these mud-bodies will soon be obsolete.

Anyway, I plan on the following: I want to do anything I please.



The life I want in 20 years is pretty much the life I have today.

The main difference is that I am not yet Autonomous. I need to create an independent stream of income in order to be Autonomous.

The other difference is that I need to utilize the next two decades to pass on my legacy.

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