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my story of health reset.

As a sufferer of gout in my late 40's and increasing weight (highest 77kg), it was a summer of 2017 where I had two episodes of Gout that rendered me incapable of going to work. I literally could not walk. For a person that was a 1st Dan Black belt when I was 15, I was totally shocked and thought, oh well this was part of the aging process.

My local GP advised that I would need to go on medication and after consulting a dietitian I realised that these doctors were not understanding the root cause of my condition.

Learning #2: Doctors do not understand root causes of disease, and only follow what they have been taught.

At that point, I decided to stop outsourcing my health to people that had no skin in the game. I started researching Gout and came across articles related to inflammation causing Gout. This led me down the path of low carb and ketogenic diet, where carbohydrates being the main culprit and not meat as the doctors had told me.

What I realised was that my diet was causing metabolic issues in my body that led to inflammation that caused the Gout to flare up. What I discovered was that Fructose was the worst of all Carbohydrates as it impacts the liver just like Alcohol. My fruit intake was 5 pieces per day plus juices, so the light bulb went off.

Learning #2: What you believe is healthy for you, maybe be wrong.

I came to the conclusion that my liver was sick and blood tests showed increased markers for this. I also looked back and remember all the other issues I had, for example, I would always be hungry and snacking constantly. I would get headaches all the time and my skin would breakout with pimples. My joints would hurt in the morning and I had no energy.

Learning #3: Diet is the cause of most diseases.

Some key changes to my diets include - *This is no medical advice*: 1. Eat only carbohydrates in low amount and via vegetables (zucchini, chards, Avocadoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli) 2. Bone Broths are good for the gut which strengthens the immune system (grass fed or organic bones, beef or chicken. Fish is ok but wild caught) 3. Cheese is high fat and great for gut (eat a diversity of cheese from spain, italy, france etc)

What I did to fix myself

I stopped outsourcing my health and in the process lost 20% of body weight. This primarily was adipose fat tissue around my belly and in my liver

  • Did my own resarch
  • Got baselines (blood test)
  • Went on low carb / keto diet
  • Removed bad habits
  • Shared my knowledge
  • Measured my health

Top 7 tips to reset your health

I implemented the following diet habits to fix my health and transform my metabolic system. *This is not medical advice*

Bad Carbohydrates

Stop eating the following carbohydrates: Sugar, Fruit (Fructose), Pasta, Rice, Bread, Flour, Wheat.

Good Oils replaced bad oils (or Fats)

Seed oils (canola, sunflower, etc) are bad and eat Olive, Coconut, Lard, Ghee, Duck/Goose fat.

Processed foods removed form diet

Any processed food is toxic. The least ingredients, the better.

Stop snacking

Snacking increased blood glucose with constant insulin spikes leadig to crashed and constant hunger.Reduce your meals to 2 per day withing a 8hr window.

Intermittent fasting

Skip breakfast most days. 1st meal at 16 hour or more mark. Use apple cider vinegar and coffee to reduce hunger.

Coffee, vinegar and broths

Black coffee is good and apple cider vinegar is excellent for health. Bone broths help the gut and immune system.

Beef, protien, wild

Beef is king and get grass fed if you can afford it. Wild caught fish (Salmon, other) are good

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