Vishal Kothari



Believe in knowledge and technology is future. Enterpreneur and Strategy Management is obvious passion. A Crypto Entuastic and very highly belive in making public relations and also active in Marketing side. Official Matic Network's Proud Matic Mitra. Active in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world since 2014. Conceieved 2 Android Applications. Also having knowledge of IT and Blockchain Technology.

Crypto Enthuastic / Crypto Advisor / Crypto Ambassador

Being in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry since 2014 Vishal Kothari has gathered a great knowledge of the Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

  • Birthday: 19th April 1979
  • Website: drunkbunny.crypto
  • Telegram:
  • City: City : Rajkot, INDIA
  • Age: 41
  • Degree: B.Com
  • Email:
  • Freelance: Available

Let's everyone bring to the Financial Freedom called Crypto Currencies.


In the Crypto industry since 2014 and also his passion make more and more people attract attention towards him


Projects Ambassador Matic Network, Upcoming partnerships


Crypto Currencies Including Matic, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, WazirX and many more


Years Research and guess what research is still in process


Team Members Now team of 8 Qualified People Supporting...


A Quick learner and a best student always earns best.

Crypto Currency 100%
Cross Network Alliance 90%
Ambassador 75%
Blockchain 80%
Digital Marketing 90%
Digital Graphic Design 75%

Matic Mitra (Matic Network Ambassador)

Holding two awards being an ambassador of the Matic Network. 1. MVCM - Most Valuable Community Member (February 2020) and 2. GoH - Guard of Honor (March 2020)


Vishal Kothari

Innovative and deadline-driven Crpto Advisor and Ambassador with experience

  • Rajkot, Guajart, INDIA
  • (+91) 98985-43540
  • Telegram : VishalBlockchain
  • Twitter : VishalHKothari

Learning and Delivering

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Strategy, Management

Crypto Enthuastic

Professional Experience

MVCM - Most Valuable Community Member - Matic Network

February - 2020

GoH - Guard of Honor - Matic Network

March - 2020


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Rajkot, Gujarat INDIA


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