Presenting, a convenient web3 UI to help you check your old wallets for some vintage DAO tokens, easily convert to ETH, or trade with other collectors!

TheDao (DAO) is probably a token with the most historic significance on Ethereum,
and now it has become a scarce collector's item!

The first DAO token transfer was made on 2016-May-28, about 6 months after the ERC20 standard was created.

It has been mostly forgotten and left to rot. De-listed from exchanges, removed from market-cap tracking sites.

But, did you know, TheDAO contract is still alive and running, and the original tokens still exist, complete with their entire history?

Yes, of course. TheDAO still lives on the Ethereum blockchain with all its transaction history intact. Contrary to what some believe, TheDAO was never reversed - all what happened was, the ETH that was still under TheDAO's custody moved to another contract where it was secured. The fateful bug that was used for the exploit is still in there, so TheDAO cannot hold any ETH. However, the tokens are SAFUtm

The token conforms the ERC20 spec, which means it works with things in DeFi, including Uniswap, and can be transferred between users

There will never be more than 1,153,816,598 DAO tokens, and over 99% were forever taken out of circulation so far. (More details below)

The contract for TheDAO is 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413

TheDAO Token DAO (new!) 🙋‍♀️💁‍♂️

So, this is just a fun experiment for now. 0xTycoon, who founded this project, also acquired the thedaotoken.eth domain name and placed it under a multi-sig with other DAO token collector-enthusiasts.

TheDAO tokens are used to govern this project off-chain via this Snapshot page, and anyone holding the tokens can vote.
What's the next step for this project? 0xTycoon says he has no idea yet. So far, it's mainly to decentralize the ownership of the .eth domain, and perhaps help this project to continue, or to help seed new related projects, and perhaps use the DAO tokens for what they have always been intended for: to govern!

TheDAO Token DAO is open for donations! If this page has ever helped you find long lost DAO tokens, consider donating to the multisig address:

Multi-sig donation address: 0x921DCc4ba6872B4736eB1A22351E2a8Ce671C3E2

Holder stats 📈

There are over 7k holders
The fully-diluted supply is 1,153,816,598 DAO, but 99% was forever burned and sitting in the WithdrawDao* smart contract.
So only %1 is circulating, but the number could be much less than that.
Each 100 DAO in circulation is backed by 1 ETH.
This is because, there is a special smart contract called the "WithdrawDAO" which sends you back 1 ETH for every 100 DAO.
It's also impossible to mint new tokens, so the circulating supply will only continue to shrink as people withdraw.

Many of the top holders appear to be dead, long forgotten wallets.

* The WithdrawDao is a special smart contract that can be used to convert DAO to ETH, where 100 DAO will always give you 1 ETH.

IMPORTANT! Never send DAO tokens the WithdrawDAO directly, or you will lose them. You will need to call the withdraw method instead)

TheDAO on Uniswap 🦄

It appears that a "DAO whale" has seeded a Uniswap V2 pool with at least 9.8k DAO tokens! (Uniswap info page is wrong, it's not 9.8 mil)

However, TheDAO token is currently not compatible with the Uniswap UI!

This is because the 'symbol' and 'decimal' properties are missing.
These are marked as optional in the ERC20 standard, but all modern tokens are expected to have them.
This problem only breaks the front-ends. For eg. places like 1nch and Sushiswap break as soon as you try to add theDAO token.
Uniswap shows UNKNOWN for the symbol and the values are displayed using the low-level 'wei' unit instead.
Perhaps these bugs might get fixed in the future, since they only affect the front-end.

Add the token to your wallet first

This can be done by clicking the Add Token button at the bottom of the assets list, then going to the Custom Token tab

Add to Metamask with the following settings:

  • Contract: 📋
  • Decimals: 16
  • Symbol: DAO

Connect your wallet to check any address for DAO balances, use the WithdrawDao, or trade TheDAO token!

Please connect your wallet, click the Connect Wallet button from the menu.

Swap ETH/DAO via Uniswap

Here is a simple Uniswap front-end with the bugs fixed.
1 DAO is now worth ? ETH.
Slippage tolerance: 1%
Transaction deadline 20 minutes

You have ? ETH

will get you est. 0 DAO (Impact ?)
You have ? DAO

will get you est. ? ETH (Impact ?)

Important: Please make sure to add the DAO token to Metamask first. See parameters

Convert DAO to ETH via the WithdrawDAO

The WithdrawDao is a special smart contract setup to process DAO to ETH withdrawals.
It does a one-way swap, DAO to ETH, and the rate's always 100 DAO = 1 ETH
There is also an ExtraBalDaoWithdraw contract that does 'extrabalance' refunds.
The following is a simple web3 UI for it.

Connected address: 0x...
You have ? DAO available to withdraw
You have ? xDAO in the "ExtraBalance" available to withdraw

Add the ExtraBalance token to your wallet first

This can be done by clicking the Add Token button at the bottom of the assets list, then going to the Custom Token tab. Note that this is a separate token to the DAO token.

Add to Metamask with the following settings:

  • Contract: 📋
  • Decimals: 16
  • Symbol: xDAO

Check your old wallets

Wondering if you have balances on other addresses? Check the balances for them here!
If you do find something, connect the address to this page to use.

Enter an Ethereum address to check the balance available for withdrawal

WithdrawDAO balance available: x
ExtraBalToken balance available: x

⛑️ MetaMask stuck? You'll need to add the DAO token first. Here is how to get it un-stuck:

Created and maintained by @0xTycoon. License: MIT
No Uniswap front-ends were forked in making this page
Disclaimer: When I build software, I build it for myself.
Disclosure: 0xTycoon.eth owns a smallish amount of TheDAO tokens, some of which are providing liquidity in the Uniswap pool
Multi-sig donation address: 0x921DCc4ba6872B4736eB1A22351E2a8Ce671C3E2