June 2, 2019 · 3 min read

500 Days of Photography

I had the idea that I was going to take a photo that was worth sharing everyday for a year straight. I set up a new instagram account to be accountable for posting every evening, curated from the random photos that I collected through the day.

I was religiously taking photos and capturing the mundanity of signs, post-it-notes, cell phone towers, patterns and anything that caught my eye. I wandered slower, took my time to look up and look down and pay attention to the details that are overlooked and passed by. I wasn’t afraid to stop my car and pull over, to climb into the bushes and get my sneakers muddy, to stand with outstretched arms on a park bench, to sit down in the wet grass and to look up just because there was something I noticed that I needed to get captured.

It was liberating, self reflective, and I was rediscovering my creativity. I was on a roll. I never missed a post. 200 days in and it had becoming routine. I didn’t need to think about taking time out of my day to take a photo, they just happened and they were happening everywhere.

And that’s when it stopped as abruptly as it could. Day 266. I missed that day and then another. I wasn’t reaching for my phone and I thought maybe I had gotten enough out of this. Weeks passed and then a month.

So I sat down to write THIS post about what I had learned, show off my favorite photos, figure out what patterns there were in the photos that I took. What were my most captured subjects? What were the overall tones to the pictures? Did I ever take the same photo twice?

I was going to share some experiences, of the looks I got from people, of my kids making fun of me, and also of how photography has been a part of my life for 30 years - going back to pinhole photography in middle school, 4 years in a high school darkroom, and creating my first website to showcase my photography.

THAT was 500 days ago. The first attempt didn’t work out. I never made it the full 365 days that I had set out for, but after looking through the photos and articulating the experience I’d had, I was spirited to attempt it again - not to make it a full year, but to continue taking and sharing photos.

And with that, my second attempt exceed the 1 year mark and today marks the 500th day. I’m amassing a new portfolio of photos, one that I would like to eventually do something with. I’d like to go through them and categorize them all visually and put them on display, or string them together in a high speed collage.

Slowing down to pay attention to the world and capturing memories that would otherwise be forgotten is an amazing benefit to my persistence in this.

12 Photos from the last year

Today I’m just going to share 12 of my favorite photos from the last year. It was hard to choose so if you want to peruse the whole collection of them and see how they progress, you can find them on instagram.com/borkdoy and thanks for stopping by.

May 27, 2019


May 24, 2019


May 10, 2019


May 4, 2019


March 21, 2019


January 26, 2019


December 30, 2018


December 28, 2018


November 25, 2018


November 2, 2018


October 20, 2018


September 29, 2018


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