Working to turn the tide of tyranical lockdowns and medical martial law!

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Welcome to Anti Lock Down

Thankyou for visiting our website, we are hosted on the blockchain to prevent our message from being censored. Our main current effort is to have our open letter which you will find further down this page or by selecting the option from the contents above.

Mission Statement

We have decided there are too many contradictions with the current covid hysteria. The measures have not only been ineffective, but for the most part the cure has been FAR WORSE than the problem. We have decided the best solution to this problem is to find Sound, Straightforward Infomation and get this to people who need this the most.

Our Principles

We stick to the following principles to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

  • Prioritise children and vulnerable people.
  • Information as simple to understand as possible.
  • Backed up and verified by atleast one verifiable source.
  • Stick to factual and provable subjects and information.