LED Token

About Us


LED Token was founded by Dameri Torres, a Blockchain developer from Virginia in May of 2019

A digital training system designed to keep users fit and motivated for life by earning crypto and storing user health data on the blockchain

LED Token allows you to add your ETH and LED addresses and share it to others. Earn rewards + accumulate tokens and convert to ETH or USD


Cross-chain smart contract bridged to Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom chains

Users can earn crypto by their physical activities and their health data which will be stored securely on the blockchain

LED Healthy habit dApp where you can stake your tokens at the beginning of the week and withdraw them at the end of the week

LED Performance & Coach Dashboard that displays workout progress, crypto payments made for health services, health notifications & reminders

LED simple token wallet

LED IPFS nodes deployed on AWS Cloud using automated CI/CD tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Packer

LED Jarvis AI virtual medical assistant input/output question system

Sport and Health in the Blockchain, a perfect marriage

Road Map

Year Title Where
2019 LED Token was Born Washington DC
2019 1,000,000,000,000 erc20 tokens were minted in May of 2019 Ethereum MainNet
2019 Sending/Receiving tokens Beta Testing completed USA and Europe
2020 Unstoppable Crypto Domains registered for LEDToken.crypto and LEDToken.eth Washington DC, USA
2020 LED Token website was created on Web3.0 IPFS/ENS and registered Washington DC
2020 Completed LED's own mineable blockchain using Python Washington DC
2020 Looking into integration with Smartphone Native health apps to convert health data --> into LED tokens Washington DC
2021 Apply to get listed on Etherscan, ICO Marks and CoinMarketCap Washington DC
2022 Work with Medical Care Centers and Practices to perform beta testing on Ethereum's Rinkeby testnet and MainNet using LED's simple token wallet and DEX in addition to testing health records with IPFS nodes in the Cloud Washington DC
2022 Construct Multi-chain interoperability and a Health DAO Washington DC
2022 Continue to build products and dApps and integrate with other chains Washington DC
2022 Get Listed on Exchanges - KuCoin, Binance, Bitrue, Bittrex Washington DC