DOESN’T it feel like the more illuminated our displays are, the more dim-witted we are becoming? eI-2O3O is calling for exceptional electronic ink advocates and enthusiasts to address this... you’re invited! With e-paper all set to mainstream, the time is now to come in tandem with our ongoing conversation. But what exactly is eI-2O3O?

Constituted in the decadent wake of mass transition to remote-working propelled by COVID-19, eI-2O3O is an interim, for-community-good, peer task force of ardent proponents for healthier computing practices. Its explicit aim: Rapidly assemble an international core quorum of 22 activistic technologists, business executives, scientists, financiers, medical ophthalmologists / behaviorists, researchers, writers, academics, and governing policymakers... to collectively mobilize in the bold pursuit of an audacious permanent disruption: unseating the emissive (O)LED-LCD based diarchy as the currently dominant eyesore of enterprise computers, public signs, and consumer devices... in favor of paper-mimicking electronic ink... within 10 years. This decade, our band of eI-allies will transform it all.

Recent crises have taught us that our insatiable consumerist demand for evermore-realistic rendering of digital media content is bound to hit physical limitations, while unsustainably clogging crucial network throughput and creating massive toxic wastelands. By working towards achieving a more ergonomic, healthy, and energy-efficient relationship with screen technologies before 2030 through 5 declared priorities, I.T. can accelerate, not hinder, UN Sustainability Development Goals. 

Bearing a spirit of peer advocacy, education, knowledge-sharing, and engagement, albeit from unconventional backgrounds not necessarily all from within this reflective electrophoretic/electrowetting display (EPD) industry, we are unexpected champions -- regulatorily and grassroots-wise-- of pervasive & ubiquitous electronic ink access for humanity’s wellbeing. Changemakers don’t have to be superheroes to be heroic... we’re all simply people: early-adopters, innovators, creatives... tinkering for a protopian computing world that protects individual sovereignty over one’s own cognitive behaviors and neuro-ocular condition. That said, we are about pragmatic value creation, not destruction; we can realistically achieve the above in an environmentally AND financially sustainable way, very much in service of the bigger story and systems we are subject to.



THERE’S no room for posturing in eI-2O3O, where impact grows from genuine dedication to e-paper… we live out values of honesty, transparency, upholding promises, continuous learning, and excellence. We’re human first, techies second. Another thing we have in common is we believe in deriving profit, but not if it means subverting the physiological and psychological flow of end-users… something that’s an afterthought (or by design) for most electronics & media businesses.

The above is why entry into eI-2O3O is by invitation only at the present time, unless it is decided otherwise by our resulting assembly. We are doing something serial and serious that demands focus, because industry disruption requires some self-discipline. So —while your response doesn’t automatically guarantee selection as formally within its core stewarding circle— in the spirit of inclusion, every respondent will eventually be tapped among our constellation in one way or another. Besides, not everyone has the time to be in the center.

The wording of our mission, vision, and path is yet to be co-defined, but our singular objective is clear before us: if eI-2O3O succeeds, we’d have ‘turned the computer-tables’ and ‘turned the tableTs’… conventional over-lit displays will remain, but relegated to the minority as adjunct/secondary monitors only for when crisp definition is required (video watching/conferencing/editing, professional e-sports gaming, VR, graphic design, and low-lumen environments such as cockpits or night missions). In a  pandemic's aftermath, we’ll come out living in a world where tech we rely on respects -- not hijacks-- our rhythms. Our OWN light, brightened by devices, will bear luminous. THIS IS TRUE E-INKLUSION. SO SAY HEY.




Once its finite aim is achieved, the group will either be disbanded following its establishing of (and conversion to) onward venture project team(s) for new real-world upstar ts or divisions within existing companies to under take key risk… and/or, if it so elects, continue to grow its membership base indefinitely as a non-profit, decentrally-governed movement (possibly steered by a DAO ‘2.0’ —based or other democratic framework). Ultimately, whether through a widened community-group or through offspun ventures, we would have potently convened the most capable and formidable e-paper propagation machine the world has ever seen, resulting in an unignorable tectonic shift in the display universe.


While any taskforce does tremendously value dedicated input, everyone is in a different place in their lives and there’s no hard-set rule on contributing within eI-2030 beyond mere association. Responsibility to this cause would beckon virtually meeting only once quarterly for coordinated focus. Ongoingly, we maintain a free space for voluntary interim conversations through various online channels for those who choose to interact and be a shared brain-tr ust together, building on collective wisdom from our diverse backgrounds. As an extra plus, early comers can get 1st dibs on at-cost devices & free swag!

▓ PAY.

While we are commencing something world-changing, it’s still nascent; one’s time, repute, or energy spent par taking in eI-2030 does not provide any direct monetary remuneration. Notwithstanding, it will likely generate separate indirect oppor tunities for cofounder-equity, upside capital-returning dealflow, leadflow for service-provision / par tnership-revenue, salaried employment offer, or par t-time contract gigs in the electronics design, manufacturing, and marketing/distribution space. Through belonging and activity we perform, we each demonstrate our characteristic skillset and get to know each other better for such springboard collaborations & cooperations to emerge organically.


WHO IS BACKING THIS? eI-2030 has no institutional support. Let it be disclaimed here, we are vendor-neutral. It presently has no relationship — financial, administrative, or otherwise — with any existing player in the electronic paper display industry (upstream originator or downstream integrator), any computer or mobile software or hardware brand, nor equipment designer/manufacturer. Representatives of such entities are welcome and encouraged to apply provided they declare their affiliation to us and have no conflict of interest; however, no advantage will be given to any single such company in our platform. Having no physical infrastructure, we operate leanly at close to no cost . It was inspired by this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/eink/comments/gpq4n0/im_feeling_entrepreneurial_lets_disrupt_lcds/, and is currently stewarded by a marketing maverick, a legal lance, and an impact exect across Munich, Zurich, Dubain, and SF… each techno-philes & die-hard electronic ink cultists! Per haps you?

▓ WHY CALL IT "eI-2030" AND WHY 22?

eI-2030 is an inside reference for humans in the know. At this stage, we basically just wanted a shorter operating name for what is essentially an Electrophoretic Display Commoditization and Proliferation Working-Group… but we’re sure you’d agree, referring to ourselves as the ‘EPDCPWG’ would be cryptic and boring! 2030 is because that’s the year we envision society can have reoriented to displays predominantly built on today’s electronic ink technology, weaning off its daily habit for (O)LED/LCD. We aim to hit a magic # of 22 forerunners of scaling e-paper because a big direct antithesis is needed to the ar tificial, self-defeating economic “catch-22” preventing public desire for e-paper from taking off exponentially (over time, our concer ted liberatory action will relieve and release the wild, young, and free “inky horse” circling in its holding pen, caught there due to complex financial and cultural dynamics). It also took 22 years from when Gutenberg invented the printing press to when the reusable punch moulds really allowed the enlightenment-enabling printing revolution to take place, analogous to our coming 22nd century. If / when we get to a point of creating a brand intended to sell, of course names would really start to matter… and that could happen sooner than we expect. We can together decide to change this moniker later.


No, and NO! Our group has no need to exaggerate unsubstantiated marketing hype. While science is still up in the air on this, with a lack of studies, it IS established by troves of independent peer-reviewed scientific journal-published ar ticles over 20 years is that any prolonged or nighttime screen use contributes to highly prevalent Computer Vision, Digital Eyestrain, and Blue-Light syndromes (CVS/DES), plus mental disorders. Albeit, mounting anecdotal cases point that EPD can be ideal to wean off screen addiction without losing productivity, like nicotine patches aid in the quitting of smoking.


There are numerous examples of darers-ofthe-impossible being laughed at by the titans of the scientific and industrious order of their time, only to prove vindicated by history. Each day, COVID-19 is making populations conscious about their health and that of their families and personnel. W ith pollutants from (O)LED-LCDbased screen manufacturing to meet insatiable demand breaking down critical ecosystems, our planet edges dangerously closer to being unable to sustain the promotion of consumerism of fast-moving, rich-definition digital media as idle pacification, while evermore persons awaken to produce and perform for survival in a globally-integrated technological socio-economy. Fur thermore, EPD technology is rapidly catching up to satisfy most applications through improvements in color, refresh-rate, resolution, unghosting, durability, ease-of-production, contrast under low light, and price. Share prices of public EPD companies and consulting-research reflects strong analyst sentiment of the industry to surpass $5B post-COVID-19-recovery, and over 500M USD has in the last 24 months been bet by venture capitalists on EPD upstar ts and basic scientific research. And, if given equal volume, making electronic paper is actually less complex and costly than LCDs — it is temporarily an ar tificially perpetuated myth that it isn’t. Considering all these factors, trailblazers have a conviction that the cause for an epapered world is poised for realization, with a little focused re-education of markets and channel reconfiguration.


We studiously learned from these attempts, and wish ones underway well to overcome the statistic of 80%+ of startups flopping in their first year. We are however also mindful of those that succeeded, and are growing. From our experience, sustained impact cannot happen in isolation, and we are stronger together than 'a part'. While we may lead to yet another Kickstarter product or ten, we’re architecting something that much grander than current solo attempts growing modestly, organically, incrementally… something able to singlehandedly, visibly reshape the display pie. Even failing so, at an aggregate level eI-2030’s outcomes will be measurably proven if observed from a theory-of-change (ToC) model. So, we are where expertise meets initiative, guile, and gust to bring EPD to its requisite level for society. It’s why being in with this sets you to fuel the wave.


RESPONSE FORM: https://bit.ly/2BS7mmp

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