Use NFTs and Social Tokens
to Axxess Private and Exclusive Content

Private axxess to a growing library of token-gated content (videos, podcasts, music and more) is granted to owners of specific whitelisted NFTs and social tokens.

When a content link is opened, MintGate will check any connected Web3 wallet (i.e. MetaMask) to verify that you own the correct NFT or social token. Anyone who attempts to axxess the gated content, but does not own the specified token, will not be permitted to see the content.
More about token-gating access

Content Library

Available content links:
  • Axxess Video - MAiWORLD Sessions: Beat Breakdown w/ Connie Digital (STAKING)
  • Axxess Podcast - Perspectives on Web3 Music and NFTs (6-Part)

Whitelisted Tokens

NFTs or social tokens needed for axxess: