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With a market cap of over $40 Billion USD, Ethereum has proven the demand for smart contract based cryptocurrencies is strong and steady. EOS and Tron have raised Billions in an effort to makeup for Ethereum's problems yet pose problems of their own. Collectively, they have minted many millionaires all who were wise enough to invest early on before their platforms exploded in popularity. Take Bitcoin for example. Bitcoin has minted nearly 17,000 millionaires and has a market cap of $200 Billion USD. Crypto is still relevant to finance, and is anything but dead. Let me introduce you to Lime. Lime aims to be the operating system of the next internet - a decentralized and immortal system of evolving intelligence. LimeCurrency will become fuel to power the successor to Ethereum. It seeks to solve common problems present in the Ethereum ecosystem. There will be a window of at least 45 days starting from the beginning of the ICO in which you will be able to convert Lime back to Ethereum. After that, the funds will be used to develop the future of the web. Users will be able to make money trading in secondary markets, selling their fuel for any of a number of currencies. Mint Lime to lock in your advanced position, where the rates will never be so low. The price of LimeCurrency is like that of any scarce resource. As the supply diminishes, the price increases. The same is true with Lime. The price increases slowly but steadily with each purchase to simulate a scarce resource becoming more and more scarce.

Goals of LimeCurrency

Up 167% since inception!

Note: if you had minted Lime when first launched (4/20/2020) you would have had an ROI of 167% (your original investment multiplied by 2.67), as of 9/1/2020.

Don't pass this up!

Now is the time to make astronomical gains. Time waits for no one. Right now, we are at the knee of an exponential curve! If you wait too long you will miss the sweet spot and the exponential curve may flatten to an 'S' curve, still yielding profit but at a reduced rate.

GOAL: UP 100,000%

LimeCurrency intrinsic value

To calculate the intrinsic value of each unit, divide the contract's ethereum balance and divide by the total supply. This is the amount stored in each token, released to the user upon conversion back to Eth.

Trade on Uniswap


  • Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?use=v1
  • Use version V1, which should be selected automatically(or V2 you want to add liquidity)
  • Click 'Select a token' for the 'to' field
  • At the top where it says 'search name or paste address', paste 0x836C9D71e3373324A97cb17aa07BdB73111d0DE9 (LimeCurrency contract address)
  • Now you can buy or sell the token by repeating the process for the 'from' field.

*New* from LimeCurrency: DollarSafe.org

New USD backed stable coin. Send large amounts of money fast, safe, privately, and for a much cheaper rate than competing methods! Easily send money in USD without having to worry about the value of the token changing. The value remains constant. Converting coins to USD is easy. Each is worth $1 USD. Buy now for $0.98 per token for a limited time only!

*New* from LimeCurrency: Troy Ounce of Gold

Pre-order your TROY OUNCE gold tokens today! Each token is worth exactly 1 troy ounce of gold. Each token is redeemable for a physical troy ounce of gold, held in storage at a bank. Each token is backed up 1:1. Users who place pre-orders are privy to discounted fees for life. A small redemption fee may apply when converting tokens to physical gold. User to user transfer fee may apply. Pre-order by sending Eth to 0x97e1137ca3570fa3ce8b502fdce198942fdadfc8 or by using the other payment methods on this page, specifying your order is for the new Troy Ounce Tokens.

Earn Interest*

Hold on to your Lime and earn interest. The intrinsic value of Lime increases steadily with revenue generating events. Recent interest in cryptocurrencies has sent the value flying. Next stop: the moon!

Buy Lime, DollarSafe, Troy Ounce, Eth, or Bitcoin with a credit or debit card.

  1. Pay securely online with a credit or debit card.
  2. NOTE: you must provide a valid email address. We will email you to request instructions from you on where to deposit funds (i.e. wallet address).

Allow 1-5 business days to process. There is a minimum order of $100. By submitting payment you agree to the terms of service.

A perfect gift

Buying cryptocurrency as a gift is exciting and special. It shows that you were thoughtful and didn't just get them a boring gift. Upon request, we can create a paper wallet for you. We will deposit funds to the wallet and ship it to a physical address or email it as per your request. For an extra $300 we will ship a secure hardware wallet with the funds deposited on the device, if included in your instructions.

Buy Lime, DollarSafe, Troy Ounce, Eth, or Bitcoin through the mail

  • Mail in cash, checks, or valuables** worth $100 or more
  • Include your wallet address
  • Include your desired currency (Eth, Lime, DollarSafe, Troy Ounce, or Bitcoin)
  • Include any additional instructions
  • We will send cryptocurrency to the address given

Mail cash, checks, or valuables** worth more than $100 to the following address:


5924 S. Highland Dr.

Holladay, Utah 84121-1328


Contract address: 0x836C9D71e3373324A97cb17aa07BdB73111d0DE9

Blackbird Legend

Reading the tea leaves, Pheme foretells, "This legendary ICO will rise faster than a bullet shot from a speeding bullet." -Credulitas

The old website was taken offline by the host (Google). Donate

Hosted on the interplanetary file system

By submitting a payment via debit or credit card you agree to the terms of service. Purchases with a credit or debit card will be converted to the equivalent value in current prices of your selected currency minus a fee. The fee depends on the difficulty of processing the transaction and risk involved. Repeat customers and customers who have a high level of trust may be granted a discount. The same fee applies for all orders through the mail, regardless of payment method.

Once you have mailed us a purchase order it is bound by the terms of service. By making a purchase or sending money, you agree to the terms. All sales are final. Once the cryptocurrency has been sent it cannot be unsent. Therefore, you must provide the correct wallet address you wish to have the funds deposited to, or request us to create one for you. If the number given to us is wrong or there is an error, any money sent cannot be refunded!

**We will do our best to liquidate the valuables. We make no promises on how much we will raise from the proceeds if anything. Any item that has an appraised value under $100, we will keep and not send back unless you provide prepaid shipping to return it. We will charge a fee for liquidating the valuables, and use the left over amount to fund your wallet. Once you have mailed it to us, if we are unable to sell it within 90 days, it becomes our property. However, we will send it back for a fee plus the cost of shipping if requested within 90 days (of it not selling).

Terms and conditions apply. Use of this service means you agree to the terms of service. The terms of service are subject to change. Continued use of the service means you agree to all changes. *Interest is not guaranteed but is conditioned upon revenue generation. The more Lime you have, the more you would earn, or more accurately, the more share of the revenue you are entitled to. We do not track users other than Ethereum's built in blockchain, which records transaction data. Participation is open to non-US citizens and accredited US investors. Non-accredited investors must pay back all legal expenses (like forced refunds) arising from regulation (generally equal to the amount invested). Investing carries risks, including this one.


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