Whitney Webb Presentation


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This is the 25 minute presentation I shared in discussion with Whitney Webb and Cory Morningstar on the 11/11/2021. The international Climate Change convention, COP26, has been presented as a flop to the public. The failure to secure an agreement on coal and the absence of the Russian and Chinese leaders cited as reason.

However, it was far from a failure. In my two part investigation in to Seizing of the Global Commons I explained how the concept of the Global Commons was being exploited by the Global Public Private Partnership (GPPP) to seize all of the Earth’s resources.

In this presentation I look at how that agenda was successfully advanced at COP26. A global set of accountancy standards were created for measuring so-called “natural capital.” This will enable the GPPP to control the new markets they are creating. This is not a new idea and was first proposed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.


Iain Davis – COP26 Presentation

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