iExec Price Feeds


Switch your Metamask network to Goerli and request some testnet ETH at:

Select your price feed.

Connect your wallet and click the "Update Price" button. You'll then have to approve two actions. The first signs your task transaction data and the second sends your task to the iExec clerk so it can be processed by a worker pool.

After your task is sent to iExec you can monitor the status at:

Once your task is finalized the smart contract will be updated with the latest price and you can click the "Query" button or refresh the page to see the new price result.

Since this is testnet some tasks may hang or fail to complete. Just try again.

Optimized for Chrome/Firefox desktop browsers.

This demo was developed by an independent developer. All usage of iExec technology and Coinbase API are of my own accord. All data within is for educational and research purposes only.