CannabisCoins.Crypto is an Ethereum Blockchain Website that is built on top of a smart contract. It offers many solutions for enterprises that operate in the Cannabis Industry and it can help greatly streamline business operations, reduce payment processing costs, and boost consumer engagement. CannabisCoins.Crypto is the future of Web 3.0 and will disrupt how the cannabis industry does business.

Cannabiscoins.Crypto Best Uses: Accept payments in cryptocurrencies: Bypass federally regulated banks in the US and streamline payment processing where cannabis is legal in other countries. Supply Chain and Compliance Verification: Track all products from cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution with a verified record of the product. Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs: Reduce gift card fraud and cost by implementing a blockchain reliant gift card loyalty program. eCommerce: Increase traceability and verify proof of delivery through a smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain Accept Bitcoin and all other Crypto-currency payments (be your own bank!) plus build a decentralized website on Ethereum Blockchain. Cannabiscoins.Crypto is available for lease only. For more information contact us at: (404)-806-0548